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About us

In 1976 a center for professional welding training for the needs of nearby power plants and mines was established in town of Galabovo. In year 2000 the center was transformed to joint-stock company licensed from Bulgarian National Agency for Vocational Education and Training /NAVET/. The company is licensed as well form the International Institute of Welding /IWW/ form training and certifications of international welders. From its beginning more than 1400 welders from Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey has been trained and certified by the center. The company is also member of the Bulgarian Welding Union /BWS/ and Bulgarian Scientific - Engineering Union /NTS/. Besides training in welding the company is licensed for training in many other professions including crane operators, electric truck drivers, builders, computer operators, chefs and waiters.
For its students the company offers cozy and affordable accommodation in the hotel which is part of the educational center.